retaining wall height to width ratio

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cantilever walls

versus height-to-width ratio of conventional cantilever retaining walls, neglecting passive pressure as the footing width is increased the fs against overturning, bearing capacity and base sliding all increase

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principles of retaining wall design - the constructor

(b) short retaining walls vertical walls up to about 3m in height are usually built as shown in figure 1(b). these consists of a concrete or masonry wall of uniform thickness, vertical wall reinforcing, and transverse footing reinforcing are all designed for the lateral shear and cantilever bending movement plus the vertical weights of the wall, footing, and earth fills.

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what is the typical proportioning of a retaining wall?

for retaining wall with a total height exceeding 8-12m, it is recommended to adopt counterfort retaining wall. the counterforts in counterfort retaining wall are normally spaced at about 30% to 70% of the total height. the length of base slab is about 40-70% of the total height of retaining wall.

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earth pressures and design considerations of narrow mse walls

suggests a minimum wall width and mse reinforcement length equal to 70 percent of the wall height. second, the design methodology to construct narrow earth retaining structures in front of a stable wall is unclear. various studies suggest the mechanics of narrow retaining walls is different from traditional walls, and earth pressures are different

the maximum height of a stacked stone retaining wall

a notable feature of a stacked stone retaining wall is its capstone the stone used to top off the wall. as you lay the capstones, keep in mind that they add to the height and weight of the wall.