wooden deck to hold pool

amazon.com: 10 pack wood deck brass anchor for pool safety

anchors designed for use with wooden decks includes ten anchor assemblies and four screws-as shown in the picture works with any brand pool safety cover. a cost effective replacement part. genuine wood grip brand product. direct retail from the manufacturer.

five deck surfaces that won't burn your feet

when you are selecting material for a deck, you will want to consider how hot the material you are purchasing will be. on a hot summer day, you just might burn your feet without shoes. having a deck that is uncomfortable on your feet can be quite inconvenient especially if you have a pool and plan on walking on the deck while using the pool.

will a wooden deck hold a 18ft above ground pool? yahoo

best answer: it doesn't have to do with the diameter of the pool, but the height, water will weight 62.4 pounds per square feet per foot of height. for example, if it is a 4 foot deep pool, the weight would be 250 pounds per square foot. the designed capacity for a deck is probably maximum 100 pounds per

how to reinforce a deck for a hot tub spa the spa guy

the spa guy gives general information on how to reinforce a deck to keep the deck from sagging or even falling. it is very simple and you can buy the materials at your local lumber yard.

14 ways to improve your deck better homes and gardens

since a deck is typically located close to the yard, it is a great place to set up your container plantings or prep veggies or flowers for the garden. set up a planting area by adding an outdoor-resilient potting bench that includes a shelf system and a der or two to store gardening supplies , such as plant tags, seed packets, and string.

deck design - 45 inspiring wood deck design ideas kebony

therefore, the best wood to use for a deck that will be surrounding a pool is a modified wood that has been treated to withstand moisture and wear. modified wooden pool decks feel soft and cool underfoot, unlike composite decks, and serve as an incredibly durable platform that wont require replacement.

winter cover for above ground pool surrounded by deck

anyways, i decided to go all out and build a huge deck around the pool because this pool is ugly imo. so, we left a small gap between the deck board and the pool upon construction and excavated almost enough for an in ground pool, my yard is hilly. seriously, i'm not sure the wood will hold up to the safety cover type for ig pools. there is

how to attach a pool ladder to a deck ehow

pool ladders make exiting the water easier. use metal flanges to attach a pool ladder to the wood or concrete deck of your pool. the metal flanges allow pool owners to install a ladder wherever they desire. screws hold the flanges to the deck and make installation and removal of the ladder easy.

how to reinforce a deck for a hot tub spa the spa guy

in a case where the deck is less than 4' off the ground you would need 4 pressure treated 4x4x8's and 4 pile on blocks that hold a 4x4, 4 galvanized twisted straps to hold the 4x4's to the

how do i choose the best pool deck paint? with pictures

decks may also be stained and sealed instead of painted, though a similarly hardy compound is required. the two most commonly used materials in pool decks are wood and concrete. pool deck paint is designed to uniquely protect either specific surface. most paint packages will list the type of deck surface for which the product has been designed.

deck boxes - outdoor storage - the seven trust

just to give you an idea - a 120-gallon capacity deck box should hold about 17 standard patio cushions. stop by the seven trust to find the right deck box for your deck, patio, pool area or balcony. we carry all the top brands, including suncast, keter and rubbermaid.

building your deck for a hot tub decks.com

building your deck for a hot tub a standard 8 x 8 hot tub weighs about 5,000 lbs when fully loaded with water and people. needless to say, this is much more than a typical deck frame is designed to support.

is it safe to put a child's pool on the deck? hunker

weight. a single cubic foot of water weighs over 62 lbs.. safety codes stipulate that a deck should only hold 40 lbs. per square foot. most children's pools hold much more than one cubic foot, but even one foot is in violation of this number, which does not include the weight of children in the pool or adults monitoring the activity.

framing a deck for hot tub installation diy deck plans

this is useful for water faucets and other features that might be underneath the deck, as well as hot tubs and swimming pool equipment. once decking is installed on both the deck and the hatch, the top of the hatch is flush with the deck making it almost invisible. to frame a lift out hatch, mark its location on the decks joists.

blow up pool on deck, will the deck hold the weight

well i got approx 8000 litres of water in the pool calculated that you would only fill to around 740mm and not right to the top and a litre of water weighs 1kg so your pool will weigh 8 tonnes the 50kg for the pool the combined weight of the people in it. hope your deck is not too high. click to expand

choosing decking materials for an arizona backyard

wood decks are the least expensive upfront, but require regular painting/staining and sealing, and can easily warp over time and/or with exposure to water. wood decks are not a popular choice in arizona because they do not hold up well under almost constant sunlight.

anything to cool off deck around the pool? yahoo answers

anything to cool off deck around the pool? is there anything i can use on the deck around the pool to keep from burning my feet during the middle of the day? it gets so hot on a wooden, stained deck.