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non-grooved deck boards (also called square-edge boards) are solid on all sides. they are installed using either seven trust cortex hidden face fasteners or 2.5-inch #8 composite deck screws. in both instances, the fastener is screwed strht down into the board. for the cortex hidden fasteners, a color-matched plug is then inserted over the screw

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some decking installations require both grooved and ungrooved boards. for example, if you decide to picture-frame your deck, you might use non-grooved boards for most of the job, but frame it with grooved boards to produce a finished, square-edge result. your choice of composite decking should reflect your personal aesthetic tastes and

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grooved edge vs square edge composite decking

grooved edge vs square edge composite decking. 2x4 edging board - outdoor wpc decking . wood plastic composite decking can be cleaned using firmly with the end of a 2x4. 1" square edge board. 2" square edge board.

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so, you’re going to build a deck, and you’re looking at decking, and you notice that some deck boards have grooved (aka slotted or pre-grooved) edges, and some deck boards have solid (aka square) edges. how do you decide which type to get? grooved or solid-edge deck boards?

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grooved edge vs square edge composite decking

porch floorboard - composite decking wood alternative . push grooved edge (longer edge side) . sure fasteners fit into groove. . use square edge composite decking boards and manually route these on one side to allow .

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