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start with a strong and secure base our very first pergola, still going strong at the farm. a strong and secure base is the single most important key to a long-lasting diy pergola. stay away from 4 x 4 posts. although much less expensive than thicker posts, they simply dont hold up over time. 4 x 4 posts will eventually bend and warp under the weight of the top.

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when you cement your pergola posts into the ground you are not only providing solid stability to all the legs of your garden structure - you are also encasing the part of the post that enters into the ground in cement - to help protect it from bugs and moisture - so that the strength and durability of the lumber is least compromised as possible over time.

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pergola is 8ft long from the corner on either side forming a triangle on the top. i have used four 4x4 posts 8 ft attached to the deck headers using three 1/2' carriage bolt per post. how do i reduce wobbling when shear force is applied to simulate wind condition? since i am new to the forum, i am unable to post a picture.

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here's how to plan and post a perfect pergola. use post anchors like simpson strong-tie's aba66--these raise the post off the ground, letting moisture escape. i use a 4-foot level to make

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set your posts place the first post in the hole at the corner of the highest grade ground height , check the ground mark, adjust post up or down if the mark is not level with the ground. position post at string corners in a vertically level position two sides level or plumb. mix concrete to a thick pour-able consistency.

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while a vinyl pergola can work everywhere, this material is the least strong of all the pergola materials, so we wont recommend vinyl in an area that receives heavy snow loads, such as near the mountains. it can also soften and sag a bit after repeated bouts in varying temperatures.

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here are four tips on how to build your perfect pergola or other backyard structure. 1. anchor with accuracy. securely anchoring your wood post bases into the concrete slab is the first step toward building a safe pergola.

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diy network shows you how to dig post holes to ensure a sturdy pergola. now playing. how to set pergola posts 01:24. how to set pergola posts 01:24. diy network shows how to level and set posts for a strong wooden pergola. similar topics: structures pergolas. now playing. how to install pergola rafters 02:20.

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then we checked to make sure the posts were plumb and level before bracing them with spare 2×4 studs. the 2×4 braces will hold the pergola posts in place until the concrete sets. because we were mainly building on the weekends, we were able to let the concrete set for a week; however, the instructions on the bag say to allow at least 48 hours for the concrete to dry.

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how to make pergola post stronger: your woodworking project plan should include some lists lists of: woodworking hardware, the amount and type of wood required, and the required hand tools and power tools to complete the project.

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with any outdoor structure, everything starts with the base. to put it simply, dont skimp on your posts. when working with wood, a 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 post is your best choice for long-term durability. 4 x 4 posts although much less expensive than the thicker ones, simply wont hold up over time.

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how to build a pergola with simpson strong-ties outdoor accents decorative hardware line. hi friends im excited to be back to share how we built this gorgeous pergola with simpson strong-ties new outdoor accents decorative hardware line.