wall panel like concrete

you can actually fake a concrete wall architectural digest

but faux concrete need not be limited to an accent wall. the finish can also be done in wet areas of the home, like bathroom walls or a kitchen backsplash or countertop.

decorative concrete wall and ceiling panels concreate

concreate wall panels. a completely new and innovative concrete product that is a prefinished. polished concrete wall and ceiling panel suitable for glueing to new construction or retro-fitted over existing walls and ceilings. the cladding is suitable for interior use and limited external use.

concrete by design wall panels

clad it, with gfrc wall panels our concrete panels are manufactured from 25mm to 35mm thick glass reinforced concrete gfrc . a material that offers superior strength at half the weight of traditional concrete cladding. each panel is reinforced with glass fibre removing the requirement for steel reinforcement.

concrete wall panels l artstone

for creating ironic combinations, wall panels are concretes barest form and carry the natural surface perception in their spirit. being a professional in concrete paving, fiber panels and wall decoration categories, artstone, brings the most natural looks to your spaces.

how to glue paneling to concrete walls without furring strips

before installing paneling to a concrete or brick wall, first remove all dirt, dust and debris from the wall. a clean surface increases the bonding strength between the panels and wall.

decorative concrete wall panels for homes and businesses

concrete wall panels can be very useful in conveying a theme of strength, wealth and well-being to guests. concrete has long been associated with an industrial ethos, and for home or business owners who would like to project this image, using concrete wall panels can be the perfect way to do it. not just a pretty face

insulated precast wall panel - like no other - wells concrete

no other wall system performs like a precast insulated wall panel. board insulation is sandwiched between two layers of concrete creating a fully insulated edge-to-edge structural and architectural wall system. stainless pins or carbon fiber ties connect the interior load-bearing layer to the exterior architectural face layer. varying insulation thicknesses and insulation types provides r

custom concrete wall panels and tile - trueform

the best wall preparation for concrete precast wall panels is a cement backer board. for installation, use a modified thinset such as superflex or laticrete 254r platinum rapid. some industrial adhesives can be used. concrete wall panels are intended for indoor use - please call to discuss outdoor wall panel applications.

concrete wall tiles by concreate concreate

this new and innovative patented product consists of a polished concrete panel designed to be adhered to walls of any new or retrofit construction project. made for interior applications only. this attractive, real concrete finish, shows the irregularities and characteristics of natural, polished concrete.

concrete faux wall panels - texture plus

now you can achieve the sleek, modern appeal of poured concrete walls without any of the mixing, drying or heavy lifting. our incredibly realistic, u.s.-made concrete faux wall panels are designed to give you that cool, smooth calm of concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of real concrete.

make your own concrete-effect feature wall using cement

make your own concrete-effect feature wall using cement fibre board with plaster and paint finish techniques. panel walls metal wall panel concrete wall panels concrete walls grey concrete wallpaper concrete effect paint wall boards panels concrete cladding cement render. more information.

painting a wall to look like concrete - my vintage porch

blending is key to making the wall look more like concrete than just layered streaks. the fun part about it is that every wall will look different and unique. if you like art and creating things, you would love to try this out. just remember, a wall can always be repainted or fixed if you dont like the end result.